Saturday, February 1, 2014

Always keep your head up

So much for my day off! We only had 1 hour of PT this morning and I walked the furthest since I have been here. We started on the 1st floor walking on a sloped surface and then learned how to sit on a low chair and how to get up. From there we walked to the elevators, stood the entire time waiting and the ride up, then walked to my room!

I've still am battling through some upset stomachs, hopefully they get that fixed up before we leave on Monday.

I am SO excited to bust out of here! It will feel so good to have Remi snuggling with me in my own bed.  I'm sure Jon is excited to sleep in an actual bed then a cot as well!   

Jon & I are so grateful for all of your continued thoughts & prayers. We can feel the love & support that is being sent our way.

I thought I'd end with a quote that made me laugh tonight,

      Without brains, boobs are useless.

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