Monday, February 17, 2014

Radiate Positive Vibes

Had a great Sunday with family and friends ... went to lunch with my parents & Azzara's to Gateway Grill. A m a z I n g pizza!!!! Afterwards we went to our cousins 1st bday party. It was great to catch up with everyone!

I got #19 under the belt today! We have noticed some red marks on my forehead over the weekend and my Dr seems to think its because the front of my skull is not as thick so some radiation is affecting that. He was going to try to get another measurement to correct that. Other than that everything seems to be going well. He said my last 4-5 treatments will be a heavier dose of radiation. I will just be happy when traveling to Pittsburgh everyday will stop.
My legs are exhausted today. I had a good workout with PT and used the stimulation machine...I don't know if that is why my legs feel so tired or not. 

I was also happy to see the bracelet sales that Vanessa did went very well :) I already have an idea on what I want for the shopping day :D . My brother in law also got his bracelets in today....the rubber style.

I am still overwhelmed with all of the love and support we have been receiving. You all hold a special place in both Jon & my heart!

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