Saturday, February 15, 2014

If you dream it, you can make it happen.

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates! We have had a busy week and by the time we get home in the evening I am exhausted!

To recap everything that has been happening is we are over the hump for radiation! We are hoping march 5th is the final treatment.

We met with my other oncologist that specializes in chemotherapy and I will be rescanned March 25 to see if the radiation got everything. Prayers that it has!

This snow hasn't affected our travels to and from hospitals. Growing up I played in the snow for hours at a time. It makes me sad that I cannot get on the quad or sled ride with my nieces and nephews. I know everyone will moan and grown but hopefully next winter we will be able to make up for it!

I also got my wig today.  Everyone in the family loves it... its just a weird feeling for me. I got my head shaved completely down and I am not used to that. Then I put the wig on and am not used to seeing hair. Brody told me today that he hopes my hair is in by his birthday because if I'm sick I shouldn't come to his birthday... bless his heart!

Today has just been a hard day for me. And I know its okay to have days like today.... a want of normalcy...if that even exists. I guess i would take a perfect day of sled riding with the kids, tubing on the back of the quad & making smores at the campfire.

OK ... back to positive..

  Keep calm & Fight on!


  1. Wow, bless you! You are amazing! I am praying!

  2. Praying that March 25th is a day of good results!! Keep fighting!! ~Hugs, Saundra