Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life's not a sprint, it's a marathon!

Well after feeling quite crappy day yesterday I feel much better today!  I was just so drained, exhausted & nauseous all day yesterday.  When we got home from radiation I ate and went straight to bed. 

Today was much better.  We hit #15 of treatment, as long as nothing has changed only #15 more to go!  Other than the drive that seems to be getting longer and longer, my treatment times seem to be getting shorter.

Still no word on my wig, but I am loving the Mohawk hair cut for right now.  I can still tell I'm losing a lot of hair, but its easy to deal with now that it is so short.  Jon will have to buzz me up again this weekend.  

My Dr. gave some good news... only 1 poke/week for my blood work!  YAY!!  My white blood counts are still on the low side but they have not dropped any more.  Hopefully it continues to stay that way!  I'm over getting blood work!

Sorry for such a short update...

The struggle you're in today is the strength you need for tomorrow. 

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  1. So proud of you Beth, half way through!! Continued prayers! Somehow I can't picture you with a Mohawk but I know you are rockin it!!!!