Monday, February 3, 2014

Home is where your heart is

I am FINALLY home! Jon and I have been living at presby and mercy hospital since January 9th. What a feeling to walk into a clean house, new love seat & home gym. Thank you to my sisters & brother in laws for making that happen. Now you can come back and help unpack the 20 hospital bags we have ;) .  And thank you everyone for your donations that helped with these purchases to make my life as comfortable as possible.

Today at radiation we had to do some x-rays because they were moving to a new area. We also discovered that my blood count is low. That means my immune system is very low and I can catch viruses very easily.  I have to get blood work 2x/wk to track this.

Remi was so excited to see us.  She literally had her paws on my chest kissing my face for a long time and has not really left my side.  I definitely got more kisses than Jon... just saying!

I can tell there are going to be a lot of adjustments that will need to be made for me.  I guess we will tackle that hurdle tomorrow!

I will be receiving home health care for a while then will go to a regular out patient therapy center. Until home health is set up, I have Jon to push me and make me do all my exercises. I don't know to be scared or happy! ;).

     What I love most about my home is           who I share it with.


  1. So happy for you. Being home will do you wonders. You have many, many people praying for you. Powerful Prayers. Keep fighting. You were an amazing little girl and have grown into an amazing young woman.
    Darcy Pallone

  2. So glad that you're home! I agree with Mrs. Pallone--being home will make you feel so much better, too. Keep up all of the good work :) Your strength is so inspiring <3