Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No News is good news

Well at my last scan on the 3rd, the Dr said that there was no major change in the tumors.  I was pretty bummed because I was really hoping they shrunk more.  I have 2 Avastin treatments left, I have one on 7/17.  I am hoping and praying that the tumors shrink with these next 2 treatments.  I then asked the dr if i would ever walk normal again.  His reply was "a lot of prayers, hopes and hard work."

Maybe that is what I am bummed about...walking.  I was so active before and now its like I can't do anything.  Everything is a process and I can't seem to get past that.  I know it is going to be a long road to recovery...but no one seems to know how long.

 It is pretty bad that I look forward to physical therapy.  I love the therapist and for a few hours they make me forget I even have cancer.  PT is going great.  They feel I have made progress, which is always a plus.  I walk with a cane and my therapist holding on right now.  I have really bad balance.  I could only imagine if I had some wine how much worse it could be.

I will try to get better at updating.

I would like to ask to extend prayers to Ashlee Preisach as she awaits news for her transplants.  

As always, thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers.

"When I recover, I will have the courage to admit that I did indeed struggle, that there was a real problem, that I fought for my life and conquered the mountain."