Friday, February 7, 2014

Fall seven times, get up eight.

Well today was a pretty okay day!  We knocked the nausea out pretty early this morning, so I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee with my cereal today.  That then turned to knocking out my headache quickly. Jon & I did some physical therapy together this morning as well.  It felt good to get back into the swing of things. 

Radiation went well.  I was talking to the girls there about how tender my scalp is feeling and they said that is normal to feel as I start to lose the hair.  Tomorrow I am going wig shopping.  Something I thought I would never be saying at 27 or be looking forward too.  It was pretty freaky today in the shower and see how much hair I am losing.  It is definitely easier to think "Oh, it is just hair it will grow back".  But actually seeing it fall out is something I don't know how to prepare for.  Maybe have Jon shave my head...then we'd be twins.  I guess I just need to handle it the same as I have been handling cancer...One day at a time.

On the plus side, Courtney & Luckey came over with the Wii tonight...I'm pretty sure the Lee's kicked butt! ;)  It was nice to get to play some games to get my mind off everything and still work on my balance.  By this time of the evening, my legs were pretty exhausted.  Plus, we managed to get an ice cream cake out of it.  And thank you Courtney for helping get some more organization to the house! 

Hopefully tomorrow we have success shopping! Thank you again for all your kind and positive thoughts and prayers.  Keep them coming! 

"Those who believe and trust they are strong will always have strength when they need it"

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  1. Continued prayers Beth for you and your family!! You are such an amazing young woman!! The positive attitude and your will to fight and beat this will get you through this!! Just like all the other things you've accomplished!! I just think back to all the events and games we've watched you participate in and how strong you are!! You've got this Beth!!