Friday, January 31, 2014

God gave me you for the ups & downs

Finally starting to feel a little better!  Between radiation and therapy I have been exhausted.  Today my legs were pretty rubbery & weak...but we pushed through and were able to complete my exercises.  We also ordered my wheelchair and I got my loaner.  I ordered one that is a pink tone =) .  I am getting excited for Monday to finally get to go home!  It hard to believe it has almost been a month since I have been in the hospital.   I cannot wait to see Remi!! 

Today at radiation I couldn't fall asleep for once.  As my mind wondered  all I could seem to think about was the day I met Jon.  I skittishly went to the Paint Room to meet up with Kayne and have a few drinks.  Kayne introduced me to Jon and we got to talking and a few drinks later he asked for my number.  I went to work the next day and said I met the man I'm going to marry!  A few days later I'm waiting for "the man I'm going to marry" to call or text me and nothing!  Finally I received a message on Facebook from him.  We went to the Connellsville VFW(so romantic)  for a drink and moved very slow in our relationship.  Finally after a date at the Paint Room, Jon walked me to my car and asked for a kiss...such a gentleman!  My mind then wondered to the night Jon asked me to marry him, down on one knee with Garth Brook's Shameless in the background.  Laying here writing this I look to my left and see my husband laying in this pathetic looking cot for the past 2 1/2 weeks and never leaving my side.  I don't know if I would have made it this long without crumbling.  "You stand by me And you believe in me Like nobody ever has When my world goes crazy You're right there to save me" our wedding song Tim McGraw My Best friend says it best.   I will say I am a little nervous to go home and have him be my trainer...he really pushes me to my max!

I have noticed that I am getting cold more and tired.  The radiation technicians said my immune system is more than likely going to start to take a hit right now.  I discovered I like Ensure Immune drinks so I will be drinking them like crazy.

Therapy went well today.  We worked on how to get down on the floor and how to get back off the floor.  I was able to complete the 4 steps 3 times.  We also worked on some exercises on the parallel bars...these are the hardest for me since my hamstrings are so weak.  I have tomorrow off so I hope my legs will recover and be rested for Sunday.

Thank you for the love, support and prayers.   

Count your smiles instead of your tears.  Count your courage instead of your fears.

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  1. Beth I have never met you ...I only know of you through my son and his friend. I find myself following your blog and I have to tell you that you are an amazing inspiration. you are so strong and I have absolutely no doubt that you will continue to make improvements and progress. stay strong and fight the fight... you and your husband are blessed to have each other.