Sunday, January 26, 2014

The best thing about memories, is making them

  What a great day we had today on my day pass!  Shopping went well...I got some new work out clothes, shirts & a Steeler jacket.  It was just nice to be out and about living a normal life!  It is interesting seeing things from a "chair" perspective.  When I'm walking again, I will be sure to help anyone in a wheel chair reach things on higher racks!  Aisles are not that wide and I crash into racks or run them over. It could be it's my driving skills....but like any female out there, I'm an awesome driver.

Dave and Busters was a hit.  Nothing makes me happier then seeing my nephews and nieces with smiles on their faces!  Luca was a wild man running from game to game!  We took my walker with us so I could stand and play a few games.  I was able to play a basketball shooting game & skee-ball.  The only problem I had was standing and reaching down to pick up the balls.  Thankfully I had Bray help with the skee-balls and my dad and Jon for help with basketballs.  My shots may have been off but it was great holding a basketball again!

Sorry for such a short update, but I am extremely tired tonight and know I have a busy day tomorrow!!   

All the love and support is amazing...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Our family is a circle of strength and love.  With every birth and union it grows.  Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger."


  1. So glad you had such a great day out shopping and with family!! Those memories are so great! Hope you get lots of rest tonight and have an amazing day tomorrow! Continued prayers!! God bless!!