Saturday, October 3, 2015

Is it 2016 yet?!

Well I had my rescan done and everything came back with good news. My nightmares did not come true. The only change was some fluid in a few of my syrinx increased. They did not seem to feel this was alarming.

I was starting to relax and refocus on getting stronger and to push forward. With my family's rough go in August, I was finally able to take a deep breath and exhale. Then I noticed my furbaby was having some eye issues, I thought maybe just allergies. We had taken her to the vet recently and had gotten ointment for them. I felt it didn't help and made an appointment.  Of course the day of her appointment her eyes were looking less cloudy, less glazed over. We thought about cancelling but decided to keep it. Now if you really know me, Remi is basically my child, my best friend, my support. She laid with me everyday when I was sick in bed and never left my side. Yes, I am a crazy mother of my dog. I felt like I was punched in the stomach when the vet told us she had Glaucoma.  It honestly brought tears to my eyes. Then when she said she could go blind and possibly lose an eye, I had to remind myself to breathe. This morning when remi and I woke up, Remi began to have a seizure. There we were laying on the floor as I tried to make it stop and make it go away. I was petting her, blowing in her face, feeling her racing heart. I thought to myself her heart is going to explode or my baby is going to die in my arms on my dining room floor. She finally came back and we laid there starring at each other . The first thing she did was lick my face. I may not have a "child" but let me tell you that was one of the scariest mommy moments I have ever had.  After a few minutes she got up as if nothing had happened and waited by her dish for breakfast while I was freaking out calling everyone for help. The vet told me since she seemed okay now to just monitor and if it happens again to video it so they can figure it out. Wow...I thought to myself yes, I'll video my "child" seizing on the floor and maybe while I'm at it, I'll post it to Facebook.  As she was there for me, I have done nothing today but be by her side.

I love the saying, whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend, never owned a dog. 

Sorry for the lack of excitement, it has just been a rough go at it these past few months. I still am staying positive that God has a plan for us all. Thank you for your love and support.